int: have you ever been in love?

ashton: i guess

i can’t really explain what it’s like to be in love 

but i think comfortable is a good word to describe it

it’s like having a best friend 

it’s a beautiful thing

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A story by Calum T Hood

Onece a pon a time There was a turtle how lived in side a big big Cave and had no family. It had a hard shell it was my turtle In the Cave it had a dark Cave too It was too dark you coldent see Becase the turtle was to small it was Smalla then a bug The turtle Lade an egg. Today or Tomorrow It had a bom on it and it blowd up. The End

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@dylanobrien: “@allysonisdead: @dylanobrien what was it like working with @SangsterThomas? #MazeRunnerChat” he’s one of my favorite humans

@dylanobrien: “@CityOfIanOShea: @SangsterThomas What was it like working with @dylanobrien? #MazeRunnerChat” he loved it

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Whenever I feel bad about myself I remember it could be worse, I could like Fifth Harmony.

you could like a group of girls who are strong, empowering, and confident women who spend all their time supporting their fans and especially the ones that are queer and poc? you could like a group of women who are active feminists and often call out sexist bullshit in the media? wow that sounds so bad! bye! 

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