I was asked to describe anxiety, this is what I came up with

Anxiety makes me feel like getting out of the bed in the morning is the equivalent of jumping off a cliff, that going out in public is like racing toward an angry mob that wants to behead me. It makes me feel like questions, whether they be asked in school or every day conversation, are interrogation questions for a murder, it makes me feel that when I go to sleep I don’t want to wake up in the morning to have to jump off a cliff, race towards that angry mob, or be subjected to an interrogation. It makes me feel physically unwell. Anxiety forms in my stomach, twisting, clenching, stabbing, as if someone’s taken a screwdriver and mercilessly driven it into my gut a hundred times over. It burns in the back of my throat as tears double my vision. It makes me see white spots as I try to keep myself steady on my wobbly feet, I fight not to pass out from the overwhelming anxiety consuming me, crashing over my body and mind like a tidal wave. My blood pumps through my body unusually fast as it races my beating heart that is pounding uncomfortably hard in my chest. No matter how hard I fight against it it’s always beating me down, standing over me and laughing menacingly, cracking it’s knuckles, always ready for another round. Taunting me. Throwing the things I used to enjoy in my face and then ripping them away as my chest tightens at just the thought of doing them. Nothing seems to help, no, not even telling me that there’s no reason to worry or to be anxious, that just gives victory to my anxieties because to the real world they’re invalid. Stop telling me not to worry about it. Stop telling me there’s nothing to be afraid of. Stop telling me to get over it. Stop telling me to just go outside and face it, you don’t see the jeering looks the angry mob is throwing me as they sharpen their pitchforks and light their torches but I sure as hell do. I also see everyone who’s ever told me to calm down and get over it are the ones selling the matches. Anxiety makes me feel a fool because I’m told there’s no reason to feel it. 

idk why im posting this i'll probably delete it writing anxiety

Artist To Watch VOTING GAME!!!


Here goes:


- 1 minute every time you open the internet!

- 1 minute per every 10 minutes of aimless scrolling

- During the entire commercial break if you’re watching tv

- 1 minute in between tv shows or episodes

- During the ads before any youtube video (WITHOUT skipping ahead after 5 seconds)

- 30 seconds after each video

- 15 seconds every time you click on a link

- 45 seconds every time you see a gif that makes you question your sexuality

- 15 seconds any time a gif comes up on your dash that isn’t a fandom you follow

- 30 seconds any time you switch to a different website

- 30 seconds between any chapters of a fanfic

- 1 minute between different fanfics

- 30 seconds any time you check your phone

- 15 seconds any time you yawn

- 15 seconds any time you cough

- 15 seconds anytime you sneeze

- 30 seconds before and/or after you get up to go to the bathroom, get food, etc.

- 30 seconds any time you get a message

- 1 minute if you switch between fandom blogs

- 30 seconds per tweet if one of the girls tweets while you’re online

- 2 minutes for any time you tweet one of them… don’t tweet ‘em if you’re not voting for ‘em!

- 1 minute before shutting down your computer

Okay that’s all I can think of for now… I’m going to do it and you should too! Add more if you think of them!

Or ignore this post…. but it’s an easy way to make sure you’re voting if you’re already on your computer :D

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